Family vs. Chain

The old saying, you get what you pay for is always true, and can leave your family with memories you just can't live with.


The Burns Kish Funeral Home is the oldest established family owned funeral home in the Northwest Indiana area. We opened our first funeral home in 1908 and we now have two locations.


When you call us, you are entrusting your loved one with one of our family members who not only own, but actually work at our funeral homes. You do not get just an employee of a large chain managed out of state or out of the country. Some of us remember the days of full service gas stations. They would wash your windows, check your oil, fill your tank, and you would never have to leave you car. Now you’re lucky to even see a smile from the attendant inside the store. Sadly this is the way of the discount/ chain funeral homes.


This is not the case at Burns Kish Funeral Homes where we continue to provide the type of service you would expect at a fair price.